wocommerce accessbility enhancing

WooCommerce Accessibility: Designing for Everyone

It is highly essential to create an accessible and responsive Woocommerce Store. This is because it will help in maximizing your revenue and sales. Along with this, it will also help in navigating your website easily by all types of users. So you can interact easily with all your potential buyers. Hence, making your Woocommerce website accessible includes adding alternative text to your images, enhancing keyboard navigation, easily understandable content, clear and concise layout, etc. If you adhere to all these accessibility guidelines, then you can easily enhance the user experience on your site.

Tips to Enhance Woocommerce Accessibility:

Following are some of the techniques to enhance the accessibility levels on your Woocommerce store. This will also improve the search engine ability of your store and will also increase the speed of your site. As a result, your Woocommerce website will perform with high speed. This will also lead to increased conversion rate.

Following are some of the tips that are necessary to consider while designing your Woocommerce website. It will help your store in making it more accessible.

  • Keyboard Navigation:

Always ensure that the visitors to your Woocommerce store can easily navigate all the pages and features of your store with the keyboard. It means that they don’t have to rely on the touchpad or mouse pad and all the functions should be done easily through keyboard navigation. For this, you can use the “Tab” key. Along with this, you can also use different keyboard keys to navigate your Woocommerce store. So also test and check the keyboard navigation flow for getting an intuitive navigation experience.

  • Easy Readability:

To enhance the readability experience on your Woocommerce store, you can easily optimize the font size and color. Along with font sizing, you should also focus on the appropriate letter spacing. This will ensure that the text is easily readable and highly functional for converting visitors into potential buyers. Along with this, it will also help you in reading all the essential elements easily. In addition to this, you can also enhance the line length and make minimum use of italics or underlined fonts.

  • Focus Indicators:

You should always ensure that when the users are using the keyboard while navigating on your Woocommerce store, then the interactive elements should be completely focused. For this, you can use different CSS styles to customize the focus indicators. This will help in increasing the prominence of the interactive elements. So always check and test the focus indicators on different browsers as well to ensure responsiveness, consistency, and user experience through different platforms.

  • Responsive Design:

To get a completely accessible design for all your visitors, you must design a mobile-friendly website as well. The website design should be completely adaptive and responsive. This will help in ensuring that your website is designed professionally according to various screen sizes and devices. So you must prioritize the readability of your content and other media on small screens as well. This will help in ensuring that all the visitors remain accessible on your site. For this, you can test the website on different devices and on different screen resolutions to identify its responsiveness.

  • Accessible Media:

You should also provide alt text with your images and videos. Along with the alt text, you can also add captions and other transcripts or descriptions. This will help people get a complete idea of your multimedia content. Along with this, the multimedia content should also be highly compatible with different devices and with different screen sizes. This will help all the users in getting access to all the provided information easily. Moreover, you can use media players on your Woocommerce store as well. This will help in supporting different multimedia technologies in your store.


By reviewing and updating your website consistently, you can easily maintain accessibility standards. All the above practices will help increase your site performance and web accessibility. Along with this, it will also elevate the customer purchasing rate and their engagement with your store.