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Case Studies: Successful WooCommerce Redesigns

Considering a website revamp for a more professional and user-friendly experience? Look no further! We explore inspiring examples of successful website redesigns, showcasing the power of mobile optimization and user-friendly design principles. For a truly transformative redesign that incorporates these elements seamlessly, collaborating with a skilled WooCommerce web designer is highly recommended.


It is one of the most successful redesigned platforms. Its old interface has shown many challenges. But now its new interface is very user-friendly and captivating. Now Reddit has a more professional redesigned version.

Following is the details of its old and new version.

Old Version:

The old interface of the Reddit website has a very nested structure. It was very attractive to seasoned users. At that time, the old version was very confusing and frustrating for people who wanted to navigate through different threads on Reddit. This is because it was complex and nothing was organized on their website. 

New Version:

Now the new redesigned interface of Reddit is providing a great user experience. It also provides a smooth navigation process, which also helps in the improved organization of all the elements of the store. This is because now all the features are streamlined on this website. 


It is a very well-known email marketing website that was transformed significantly in the past. The old design of the MailChimp website has focused only on building the brand identity. While now the Redesign of this website has adopted a more professional and aesthetic appearance. The new design is very helpful in increasing the overall user experience and creating a uniform structure for the website.

Following are the before and after details of the redesigning of the MailChimp website.

Old Version:

In the previous version of the MailChimp website, there was more focus on the colors and typography. It was appealing but the previous look was not user-friendly.

New Version:

After the redesigning of the MailChimp website, the new look is more refreshing. It gives a very professional appeal. Along with that, the essential information is displayed on the main pages which allows the users to stop extensive scrolling. Furthermore, the products on this website now are listed strategically. The navigation is also easy in this redesigned website, which is very successful for the users.


Bugatti is an official store of smartwatches. It has an exclusive collection of watches. This online store has undergone redesigning to enhance its user experience. There was a very aesthetic appeal to the previous version of the website. But now the new version is more clean, concise, and transparent for the users. It is also more engaging in a style.

Let’s discuss the old and new version details of this website.

Old Version:

The old version of this website had a landing page that was filled with user-friendly animations and images. However, this website was not streamlined. It provided a great experience to its visitors but there was no uniformity in the design.

New Version:

After redesigning this Bugatti Smartwatch collection landing page, it was much more lightweight and good in performance. Now, it is optimized for different types of devices. Moreover, the visual elements incorporated on the learning page of this successfully designed website provide a great browsing experience for the users.


Rev.com is a company that provides transcription services. To get a completely modern look, it underwent redesigning. This was done to increase its performance and user experience. Following is the detail of the before and after the appearance of this website:

Old Version:

Its old version was outdated and doesn’t comprise the latest features. It doesn’t provide a streamlined experience to its visitors. So a new redesign was made for this website.

New Version:

The updated and redesigned version of this Rev.com website is filled with retro graphics and essential information. This redesigned version comprises of more streamlined experience for all the customers. This new look is more functional and has many organic features.

User Testing

This website includes user experience research. It includes prototyping. If you want to redesign it, then this website will be increasing in terms of design and functionality. Following are the before and after effects of its redesigning. 

Old Version:

The old version of this website comprised responsive CTAs. But complete access to its feature was not available. 

New Version:

The newly redesigned version of this website is inspiring and more professional. It includes the latest illustrations and shapes. Along with this, it also provides smooth navigation to its users. So, its new redesign is more attractive and compelling.


Whether you have a small business or any large corporation, you must focus on its design and performance. So, to give a more elaborate and professional look to your already existing website, you can easily redesign it with the latest features.