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Navigating WooCommerce Widgets: A Design Guide

WooCommerce widgets are powerful tools for optimizing your online store, boosting functionality, and enhancing the user experience. These widgets go beyond just aesthetics – they streamline the website layout, making it convenient for both sellers and customers.

A skilled WooCommerce web designer can strategically incorporate various widgets, including product categories, search bars, trending product showcases, and product display options. This thoughtful placement improves website navigation, creating a smooth browsing experience that ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

By collaborating with a WooCommerce web designer, you can unlock the full potential of these widgets, ensuring your store is not only visually appealing but also functionally optimized for customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Woocommerce Widgets Menu:

There is a complete Widget Menu on the WooCommerce store which is provided by WordPress. These already installed widgets are very helpful in increasing the ranking of the store. These widgets can be accessed by going to the Appearance section. Then a drop-down menu appears in which the Widgets option is available. So many familiar widgets are available in this WordPress theme by default. Following are some of them.

  • Cart: It helps the customers see what they have added to their cart.
  • Layered Nav: It provides extra navigation features.
  • Price Filter: It helps the users know about the minimum and maximum price your page is offering.
  • Product Search: It helps the visitors search for different types of products. 
  • Recently Viewed Products: This widget helps display the recent products that are viewed.
  • Top Rated Products: It shows the best-selling and ranking products.
  • Layered Nav Filters: It helps in displaying the active filters.

Examples of Woocommerce Widgets:

There are many examples of Woocommerce widgets for your store that help in easy navigation.

  • Recent Post Widget
  • Recent Comments Widget
  • Navigation Widgets
  • Featured Product Widget
  • Product Filter Widget
  • Media Widgets

Recent Post Widget:

This widget is very helpful in blogs. This is because it helps in displaying the latest post you have uploaded on your site. This widget can be placed on the sidebar or the footer of every page. This will help in increasing the readability of the viewers on your page.

Recent Comments Widget:

This widget helps show your customers the engagement on your store. It helps to display the latest comments that are done on your site. Through these comments, the new customers can also get to know about the pros and cons of every product you are offering on your Woocommerce store.

Navigation Widgets:

Different widgets can also be used for easy navigation in your store. Examples of navigation widgets include the navigation menu widget and the take cloud widget. This helps in easy navigation on your store.

Media Widgets:

Media Widgets can appear on the footer or the sidebar and help in easy user interaction. These widgets help in accessing content on various social media platforms. It will catch the visitor’s attention which will enhance the performance of your store.

Product Filter Widgets:

The product filter widgets are very helpful in enhancing the user experience. It also helps the customers to look for any products efficiently. The interface of these filter widgets should be intuitive and clear for easy navigation. You can use different filter categories including color, price, size, brand, etc, enhancing the search experience.

Featured Product Widgets:

These widgets help in highlighting the products that are trending. It grabs the attention of the visitors to your store. The product that aligns with the customer preferences should be featured. Then a compelling copy should also be added along with these featured products to increase the user experience in your store. For this, you can incorporate different elements including product prices, product titles, product images, and call-to-action buttons in the widget for making an easy purchase.


All the above-mentioned Woocommerce widgets help in showcasing the promotions and the main product information effectively. You can use these widgets to feature the top-rated products which increases credibility. Moreover, you can also display recent products to promote the new addition to your stock. Additionally, the widgets are also considered as an alternative navigation technique for your WooCommerce store. Overall, adding Woocommerce widgets to your store enhances the visual appeal and performance of your store. It will ultimately increase sales growth and navigation efficiency.