hiring a wocommerce designer

Hiring a WooCommerce Web Designer: What to Look For

There is a big need for a website designer for your Woocommerce store. This is because they play a very vital role in optimizing your store and ranking it higher on the search engines. Moreover, it will also help you in preventing any risky results. So, hire a professional web designer with all the Woocommerce skills and expertise.

Points to Consider Before Hiring Woocommerce Web Designer:

Following are some of the aspects that you should consider. This is because all these points will help get a professional and expert designer in this field.

Designer Portfolio:

The portfolio plays a very important role and is highly important to consider when you are hiring a Woocommerce web designer for your store. This is because it provides in-depth knowledge regarding the complete work and experience of the designer. Along with this, the portfolio also describes all the projects done by the Woocommerce web designer and for which companies he has performed the tasks.


You should always consider the cost your web designer is charging for creating your Woocommerce online store. This is because high charges never guarantee a great result. So you should always find a web designer who is competitive and has outstanding Woocommerce skills. 

You should ask some of the following questions to the web designer before hiring:

  • What is your base pricing?
  • Do you charge per project or hour?
  • Is there any complete strategy for pricing for any project?


Considering the skills of the web designer is also very important. This is because if a web designer has a specific Woocommerce skill set, then he is a perfect fit for your business. This is because if you have any complicated project and problems while designing your Woocommerce store, then your designer should have all the skills to fix the issues. These skills can easily be found in the web designers who have an industry-rich experience.

Designer Experience:

You should always consider the experience of the Woocommerce web designer before hiring. This is because an experienced designer will provide guaranteed results, which will be fruitful for your Woocommerce store. This experience can be measured in terms of the working hours of the designer and the projects he has completed. You can get this complete experience idea from his portfolio as well. So always ensure that the web designer you are going to hire for your store has vast experience in the same field and in designing the same kind of projects. This is because it will drive incredible results and will provide you with high-quality work. 

So you should ask some of the following questions from your Woocommerce web designer regarding his experience:

  • How many projects have you completed before?
  • How many clients have you served before?
  • Have you worked for a complete team or an individual client before?
  • Was there any fault in your previous projects?

Project Duration:

You should always clear the deadline to your web designer. For this, you should ask them about the average time they usually spend on different normal Woocommerce projects. So you can easily get an idea of how much time will it take to design your Woocommerce website. 

So try to ask him about the project completion by asking the following question:

  • How much is your average time to complete a normal project?
  • Is there any specific period you offer for the Woocommerce website design?

Payment Terms and Policies:

Always discuss the payment policies before hiring your web designer. If you have already hired him, then make sure to discuss the terms and conditions of payment before the start of your project. This is because every designer has his own contract and payment policies. So you should always have a thorough look at all the policies to avoid any negative future consequences.

Customer Reviews:

Always have an idea of the professionalism and work of the web designer you are going to hire. This can be depicted with the help of feedback from previous customers. Along with this, if you are hiring any freelancer, then you can get a rating on his profile as well. So through the positive customer reviews, you can get a complete understanding of his professionalism and experience. Moreover, there is a rating on Google as well if there is an account of the designer on Google. So the reviews and feedback will help in getting a complete overview of the web designer’s work.


It is easy to hire a professional Woocommerce Web Designer if you follow all the above-mentioned steps. This guide will be helpful for the Woocommerce store owners to get a professional and skillful designer who will provide them with beneficial results.